Alexander’s Landscaping is a family-owned business, providing that personal touch when it comes to reinventing your landscape.

We take pride in our unique designs and German quality craftsmanship.

Your own ideas and wishes (as to favorite looks, features, specific plants, etc.) take a large role when creating the exact garden you have always wanted. The perfect garden should be pleasing to the eye, integrate all your needs, while at the same time provide practicality.

When planning, the style and original features of your home will also be taken into consideration (be it a Spanish style home, a ranch, California bungalow, craftsman, contemporary - you name it).

A correct landscape will not only provide you with your favorite elements and aesthetics, but it will highlight your home and truly let it shine!

Alexander’s Landscaping designer Iris will work with you in creating the exact look you have always dreamt of. Together you can choose your favorite elements of hardscaping, textures, colors, plants and any other possible details.

Or maybe you don’t have any idea about gardens, plants, what you may need, or how to make a look work? Or you have given up on gardening in general, thinking you can’t keep anything alive or make it grow?

Not a problem. Alexander’s Landscaping will listen to your needs and suggest a beautiful design. With the right plants you may be surprised to find that you actually do have that green thumb you never thought you had.

Part of Alexander’s Landscaping garden transformations are also explicit instructions on how to maintain your new little paradise and keep it thriving.

The whole idea is to give you a natural and unique outdoor space to enjoy and relax in.