Xeriscape is a landscaping style that requires little or no irrigation or other maintenance.

AFTER – the garden shown in the picture below is a newly established xeriscape, using a variety of drought tolerant flowers and plants. This front yard requires hardly any irrigation or maintenance. It’s colors remain strong and welcoming all year long.


BEFORE –  it’s transformation:

On the left is shown how this front yard used to look like. This version required a lot of water and maintenance – and did not display much color or variety .



AFTER – another newly established xeriscape, using a variety of ornamental grasses.



BEFORE – the owner was unable to maintain the water-greedy plants which used to grow here. They have already been removed in this photo.



AFTER – an “extrem” xeriscape using decomposed granite and a few showy flowers.




BEFORE – the grass was hard to keep green in this arid climate, not even mentioning the maintenance …